Discovery Module - New for 2021!

IoT Module Cost, With Uncompromised Reliability

In the high volume home theater market, dominated by soundbars, companies play to win, but often are forced to compromise wireless audio performance and reliability to achieve a cost advantage, putting their brand at risk.

A highly integrated wireless audio IoT class module with Summit embedded software engineered to be Wi-Fi compatible; an achievement the industry said couldn’t be done. Discovery delivers reliable home theater performance, ultra-low power, in a cost effective form factor supporting up to 4 separate audio channels.  Ideal for for wireless soundbar rear channels and subwoofer or stand alone systems up to 3.1 configurations.  Discovery is the first module to offer “ConexUs” technology for quick setup, taking only seconds to connect the audio network requiring no special user interface or access to network passwords. Summit partnered with Espressif Inc. a world leader in IoT module production to bridged the gap between performance and cost creating a new paradigm for future Wi-Fi based audio solutions.

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